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Welcome to the New Website for the Sublette County Libraries!

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We are thrilled to introduce you to our brand new website. In this blog post, we will walk you through the features and benefits of our revamped online presence, designed with you, our valued patrons, in mind.

Sleek and User-Friendly Design:
Our new website boasts a modern and intuitive design, ensuring a seamless browsing experience for users of all ages. Navigating through the site is now more straightforward, allowing you to quickly access the wealth of resources at your fingertips.

Easy Search and Discovery:
Finding your favorite books, research materials, or digital content has never been easier. Our improved search functionality allows you to search the website or online catalog, based on your needs. You’ll even discover unique offerings from the library, including book club kits and a library of things.

Digital Collections and eResources:
Dive into our extensive digital collections and eResources, where you can access ebooks, eaudiobooks, research databases, and more. The new website seamlessly integrates our physical and digital offerings, ensuring you have a comprehensive library experience.

Event Calendar:
Stay informed about upcoming events, workshops, and community gatherings at the Pinedale Library and Big Piney Library through our online event calendars. Whether it’s a book club meeting, storytime, or educational workshop, our website keeps you in the loop and connected to the vibrant community offerings.

Library Services at Your Fingertips:
Explore a myriad of services that go beyond traditional library offerings. Need a proctor for an exam, a notary for your documents, or a quiet space for your next meeting? Our website provides easy access to information about accessing computers, wifi, printing, faxing, or scanning, proctoring services, notary services, space rentals, appointments with librarians, and more.

Expert Librarian Recommendations:
Discover a world of reading curated by our knowledgeable librarians. Our website features book recommendations based on their expertise and your interests. Trust the guidance of our dedicated librarians to lead you to new literary adventures. Or get a library card and explore the catalog yourself!

Mobile Responsiveness:
Access our library on the go! The new website is fully responsive, ensuring a seamless experience on various devices, including smartphones and tablets. Carry the library in your pocket and explore the world of knowledge wherever you are.

Our new website is more than just a digital extension of our physical library; it’s a dynamic platform designed to enhance your learning and reading experience. We invite you to explore, discover, and engage with the diverse resources and services the Sublette County Libraries offer!

Having trouble with the website? Contact the webmaster to let us know.

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What Can We Help You Find? Search the Library's Website. Online Catalog.

What Can We Help You Find? Search the Library's Website. Online Catalog.

What Can We Help You Find?
Search the Library's
Website. Online Catalog.

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