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Lovatt Room

The Lovatt Room is located in the Pinedale Library’s new addition and offers a large space with a warm, rustic setting. Featuring natural rammed earth walls and striking beams, this bright, open room hosts larger events and meetings that can take place amongst regular library activity. A labyrinth pattern on the floor provides visual interest. Rectangular tables, chairs, and AV equipment are included in the rental of the room. Restrooms are located outside the room’s entrance.


Up to 195 people


Pinedale Library

Available To

For adult gatherings only


Applicable for private events and fundraisers


Approx. 43′ x 65′

Additional Access To

Serving kitchen and foyer


Available from 6 am – 10 pm. If you’d like to use this room outside these hours, you must make a 24-hour, 48-hour, or 72-hour reservation (fees apply). Sunday reservations are accepted on a case-by-case basis; please contact the library for more info.

If the room is used outside of library’s open hours, you must get the key and alarm code prior to the event. Before leaving, we ask that you lock the doors and windows, turn off the lights, and activate the alarm. Events occurring later than 10 pm must be respectful of the neighborhood, limit outdoor activities, and turn music down.

Set Up & Tear Down

Be sure to allow enough time for setup and cleaning when your reservation is made. The room must be fully cleaned and vacated by the end of the reservation time. 

Cleaning: includes putting away tables and chairs, sweeping the floor, cleaning up spills, wiping down the counters and sink, emptying trash cans using our dumpster on Charles Street, cleaning the windows and walls if needed, and checking bathrooms and outdoor spaces and picking up if necessary.

Decorations: please place decorations on tables and beams, and do not attach anything from the walls or floors. Scotch tape is allowed on glass, tables, and plastic chairs only and not on rammed earth or wooden surfaces.

Artwork: must remain in place and untouched. Do not cover or remove any of the artwork.

Underage Attendees: should be supervised during events. If messes are made (sticky fingerprints on walls or windows, for example), they should be cleaned up. 

The Pinedale Library Lovatt Room
The Pinedale Library Lovatt Room

Furnishings & AV


  • 22 tables measuring 2.5’ x 6’
  • 200 chairs 
  • 8 standing height bistro tables 
  • Stage measuring 4’ x 8’ (must be requested in advance, but is not guaranteed, may not be set up by patrons) 
  • Round banquet tables with seating for 8 (must be requested in advance, but are not guaranteed)
  • Panel room divider  
  • Grand piano 


  • Projector and large screen
  • Smart TV on wheels (as a standalone or a duplicate screen)
  • Camera
  • HDMI or wireless connectivity in some cases
  • Speakers and microphones
  • Equipment can be used for Zoom, Google Meet, or Microsoft Teams
To use the AV system, an appointment must be made prior to the event for a walkthrough. Please bring the equipment that will be used for the event to test. We do not guarantee tech support during events and do not provide on-call tech support when the library is closed. 

Rental Rates

All events open and available to the public are free.

Fees apply for all private events, both business and personal. No fees apply for government entities, non-profits, and community groups, unless for fundraisers, parties, and multi-day events. Non-commercial individual use like practicing the piano, laying out a quilt, or organizing personal papers is free.

Please note, for when fees apply, we do not offer discounts for portions of an hour.

Lovatt Room Pricing
Hourly Rate
24 Hour Rental
48 Hour Rental
72 Hour Rental
Contingent on accepted rental + $250 cleaning fee
Available for cancellations made at least a month prior to the event

Serving Alcohol

To serve alcohol at your event, you must complete and submit a Sublette County Libraries Alcohol Agreement Form. If this form is not submitted, alcohol may not be served. If you wish to sell alcohol at your event, you must get a permit from the town government and hire a licensed provider. This form must be notarized; two notaries are available at the Pinedale Library. Please fill out the form well in advance, as a notary may not be available at the time of your event.

The Pinedale Library Lovatt Room
The Pinedale Library Lovatt Room bar and kitchen area

Book the Lovatt Room

To reserve the Lovatt Room, please make a request through LocalHop using the link below. This will place a hold on the room until a staff member is able to review your request, make edits, and approve. You will receive one email confirming your request and a separate email when your reservation is approved. 


Contact Ceca Bennett at (307) 367-4114 or get in touch by email.

What Can We Help You Find? Search the Library's Website. Online Catalog.

What Can We Help You Find? Search the Library's Website. Online Catalog.

What Can We Help You Find?
Search the Library's
Website. Online Catalog.

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