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The Sublette County Library’s policies are reviewed regularly and approved by the Board of Trustees. These policies apply to all patrons at both the Pinedale and Big Piney branches.

For questions about the Sublette County Library policies, please email Executive Director Michelle Humber.

Patrons who wish to serve alcohol during their meeting room rental must request permission from the Library. Please download and submit this form as part of your rental request.

Download and Submit Form

It is the responsibility of the staff to develop library collections that meet the needs of the citizens of Sublette County. Each collection, whether print, digital or audio-visual, adult, teen, or juvenile, should be well-rounded, timely and a judicious mix of both the popular and the more enduring. New acquisitions should cover a wide range of subjects and strive for balance, accuracy and relevance. More emphasis will be placed on acquiring titles of general and local interest, and less on works of a scholarly or professional nature. 

When requesting for reconsidering, staff will review your request, look at professional reviews and recommendations, and research whether the inclusion of the disputed material followed the Sublette County Library Collection Development Policy. The director will present the request and the staff material at the next Sublette County Library Board Meeting, which occurs monthly. The Library Board will review the material provided and make a decision, which is final. You will be notified of the decision.

Read and Download the Policy & Form

The most significant priority for Sublette County Libraries is to provide library services to the Sublette County community. The filming and photography described in our policy is allowed only to the extent that it does not interfere with the provision of library services and is consistent with the Sublette County Library Policy Manual.

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The meeting rooms in the Sublette County Libraries provide space for library sponsored and co-sponsored programs and for other meetings and programs of an informational, educational, cultural, recreational, or civic nature. Library sponsored activities are given priority in scheduling the use of the rooms. Use of any of the meeting rooms does not constitute an endorsement of the views of the users of the rooms by the library. The Sublette County Libraries will make the meeting rooms in the library available to all citizens with the understanding that they meet our policies.

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Descargue las políticas de la sala de reuniones

This Policy Manual, approved March 2023, applies to all Sublette County Library locations and its patrons. The policy manual covers topics including:
  • Library Employees
  • Library Board of Trustees
  • Circulation of Library Materials
  • Services Like Technology Assistance, Printing, Faxing, and Copying
  • Library Cards
  • Code of Conduct for Children, Teens, and Adults
  • Lost or Damaged Materials
  • Collections
  • Facilities
  • And More

Read and Download the Policy Manual

What Can We Help You Find? Search the Library's Website. Online Catalog.

What Can We Help You Find? Search the Library's Website. Online Catalog.

What Can We Help You Find?
Search the Library's
Website. Online Catalog.

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